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About Discover Technology

Women in wheelchair holding sign which says.  Making the connection between technology and the disabled populationThe primary mission of Discover Technology, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit company located in the Houston, Texas USA Metropolitan Area, is to create and administer computer labs for persons with disabilities, to encourage communication between persons with and without disabilities and to educate the general population about the disabled population.  The computer labs are designed to provide an enjoyable environment that both develops hidden talents and increases self-confidence and academic and cognitive skills through the use of selected software and adaptive technology. 


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Participants are given as much freedom as possible to choose programs that include learning computer techniques; using educational software designed for persons with disabilities; playing with appropriate fun and games software (researched by Discover Technology); surfing the internet; sending e-mail to family and friends; composing poetry; creating reports and presentations; and writing and publishing class newsletters.  In addition, participants are encouraged to communicate with others with disabilities through our “Discover a Pal” pen pal e-mail program on our web site,  This growing site lists those with disabilities who want to expand their world by communicating with other people, either with or without disabilities, and currently has several hundred names.  Discover Technology’s web site has a directory of links to hundreds of sites of interest to persons with disabilities.  Further development will incorporate a newsletter, reviews of adaptive technologies, and software to automate various procedures. 

During the past ten years Discover Technology has established computer lab programs at teaching centers and group homes for individuals with physical and mental disabilities (The Center for the Retarded, Inc., Willow River Farms, Vita Living, Inc., and Center for Human Resource and Development).  A future objective is to provide and maintain hardware, software, and adaptive technology at  individual homes of qualified persons.  Our primary goal is to expand the horizons and improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities, wherever they may  reside. A ancillary goal is to help qualify some individuals for jobs in the community.  Planned activities include the expansion of our labs to new sites, the continued solicitation of donations of equipment and supplies from private and public sources, the writing of formal grant requests for funding from private and public sources, the expansion of our volunteer staff and instructors, and the establishment of a central headquarters with office, and storage facilities.

About the Founder of Discover Technology, Inc., Signing for Little Hands and Kids Party Clowns for Hire.



Hi, this is Amantha.  OK I am the founder of Discover Technology, Inc., Signing for Little Hands and Kids Party Clowns for Hire.

That be me....   Picturer of Founder of Discover Technology, Inc.. HSPVA Graduate. Vocal Department. I have set up and operated many labs for Discover Technology. Discover Technology site which I put together and operate has been in existence for 17 years.  Thats a long time, now that I write it down.   My nonprofit has had many wonderful volunteers over the years. I have had several computers labs step up to help the disabled population.   We step up computers labs in three of the Shelters help the Hurricane Katrina victims.  Personal note: I really hope this helped. I had to help people find there loved ones.

About Signing for Little Hands: Signing for Little Hands is founded by me, I started Signing for Little Hands for my daughter.  I also wanted to help patents learn and teach there children sign language. I have created a group of Asl American Sign Language ebook, software and  Amercian Sign Language Screensavers.  Both companies, my nonprofit Discover Technology, Inc. and Signing for Little Hands help each other spread the word about the disabled population and how to integrate technology for disabled and normal population. They help educate the population about disables.

I have been taking a brake on setting up the computer labs for my nonprofit.  I need to brake right now. 

I am dyslexic.  Being disabled myself has prompted many positive things like two of my companies, Discover Technology and Signing for Little Hand's.  In my nonprofit we hosted 5 musical fundraisers for Discover Technology and also sing in them myself, I have to do that, have to sing.  

I would write more but I seem to have a hard time writing about myself.  Lol......  

Over the years I have had many MANY wonderful volunteers help me in my nonprofit.  I thank them all. Amantha Cole, Founder