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Welcome to a new beginning!!

Shana Boutte'  - Houston, Texas, USA


Adult Disability Advocate &

Public Speaker for Autism Related Issues


Having grown up in the public school system with seven learning disabilities and Asperger's Syndrome was not easy.  Not getting assistance was worse.  By the time I began to study autism in college, I was not aware I was on the spectrum.  It was not until I was working in the autism field I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.  No one should have the experiences I had growing up with disabilities.  I believe in letting people know they are not alone and that life does not have to be a struggle.  It is my calling and mission to help everyone I can overcome their challenges and live independent lives filled with success and true happiness.  I  aid those in need of encouragement and assistance at a local and national level.





Shana and I started discussing my son Jakob's potential to have Asperger's Syndrome.  After three years of his time in public school, I have finally been able to get the school district to review his symptoms.  Within a space of one hour with Shana, I know more about Asperger's Syndrome, P.D.D.-N.O.S. and N.V.L.D. than I thought possible from one session.
She gave me valuable information and steps to take with the district to ensure my son is not one of the students who "fell through the cracks", like he has been until now. I was then armed with knowledge of a full battery of tests, and that I am entitled to seek an outside evaluation and assistance, if necessary. I also learned about the spectrum and how the autism rankings place on that scale.  I now know P.D.D.-N.O.S. is not recognized outside the United States as part of the autism spectrum, and that A.S. has been recognized in the U.S. since 1994.  This is valuable to me, since I have lived in various countries.
The professional mannerism in which she provides valuable data is only matched by her desire to help both children and adults cope with their disorders and lead a normal and productive life in society.  Her level of care and experience/education since 1996 with autism spectrum disorders, plus her care and passion, provide a life plan for Jakob to be successful.  This is nothing shy of absolutely amazing.
I would recomment Shana Boutte' as life skills and social skills coach to any parent of a child with autism, or to an adult who is trying to make it in this world with autism.
As a father facing the unknown, desperately wanting answers as to what to do and expect, her knowledge, skill and passion has been a beacon of light in an otherwise bleak and hopeless situation.

Shana, hope this helps--I mean it with all my heart and gratitude--
My son has many symptoms of Asperger's but his diagnosis is not quite that.  He's a grown man now but ever since he was a little boy he's been tested over and over again.  No one understood his problem.  He's been going to a psycologist for years.  Two years ago, we met Shana.  My son has made more progress in these past two years than he did in the previous 30+.  Now I have hopes for his becoming happy and independent which is a mother's wish.  I thank God every day for sending Shana our way.

Miss Shana has helped me with not biting my nails and stemming.  She helped me with the autism diet and helped with controlling my hunger, getting exercise and having a trainer.  She helped me improve my showering and hygiene.  She taught me to control my conversations and interrupting. She helped me learn the difference between bad touch and appropriate touch. 

I have success with a group and accomplishments because of Miss Shana.  She had me do an exercise where I learned to overcome my fear of public speaking.  She taught me about friendship.  I learned  to overcome shyness.  I learned how to get organized for school semesters. I learned poise with Miss Shana.  I stopped stemming and peeling my cuticles.

With Miss Shana, I learned how to have success in a group. I can talk more now.  Because she taught me hygiene, I now floss my teeth regularly.  I am very shy but am making  friends.  Miss Shana taught me problem solving.

I learned how to be assertive and bust stress from Miss Shana.  I can now leave my imaginary friends at home.  I wash my hands better now, and I talk more now than before.

These are my accomplishments with Miss Shana. I now have success in a group.  I am more feminine.  I stopped biting my nails and stemming.  I am not as nervous with public speaking.  I have friendships now!  I am feeling better about myself, and my self esteem is better.

I have successes because of Miss Shana. I now talk less, I talk correctly, I am now a listener and don't run over people's conversations.  I know that all people are beautiful, and I no longer stereotype.  I learned to be assertive. 

My name is Scott Moore, and I am writing this message to recommend Shana Boutte' for in-home training. I was diagnosed as having P.D.D.-N.O.S in June of 2008. Shana is my Asperger's advocate and good friend, and in the two years since I've known her, I felt like I didn't have much purpose in life, that all the good things I wanted to have were just passing me by. She has helped me recognize my limitations and see that I can function in a primarily neurotypical world. Together, we've been writing down goals that I wanted to achieve, and one of the biggest was to enroll in the Veterinary Tech program of Houston Community College. I enlisted in the Fall of 2008 and I completed the program in just three semesters, and earned my certificate in August. She even encouraged me to apply for a passport so I could take my first ever trip to another country. I went to Ireland for a vacation with a close friend four months ago, and had a blast.

I truly believe in all of her skills, experience and credentials in Autism assistance make her an outstanding professional. She is friendly, personable, and an absolute delight to have around. She has helped make my life more rich and fulfilling than I could have dreamed possible.  My mother and friends have also noticed the great progress I have made in that time. I do hope you will make her a part of your autism plan. Thanks for your time.


Scott Moore