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Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit, Dyslexia, & other learning disorders 

Here you will  find a comprehensive list of links for person with Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit, Dyslexia, & other learning disorders   links. This area is a resource for  links to sites that are specifically targeted for persons with disabilities and with special interest in adaptive technology. There is also a listing of links in the Houston Area.

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Albert Einstein was Dyslexic- Learn about more  Famous people with Dyslexia
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Low Tech Tools for People with Learning Disabilities



Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic 
Dyslexia, the Gift -
DyslexiaTalk Forum -
Davis Learning Strategies -

Information Sites
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
Dyslexia, The Gift

Adaptive Technology
HumanWare, Inc.

SoothSayer Word Prediction (Word/Sentence Completion, Abbreviation
Expansion, Speech Augmentation, etc.) - SoothSayer Word Prediction uses an 11,000 main dictionary and customizable user dictionaries to provide word completion, sentence completion, and abbreviation expansion.  Speech options are available (you must have the appropriate speech hardware/software).  A "Speech Dictionary" containing over 300 common expressions is included and can be modified to suit your needs. Options include word usage learning, window orientation options, number of words  options, spelling monitor option, size of words option, etc.
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Dyslexia: The Gift. For Parents, Children, Educators and Dyslexics


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