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Directory of Links Registration Form

Please read all below!

Only register if your site is specifically targeted to help persons with disabilities or helps encourage communication between persons with or without disabilities or to educate the general population about the disabled population.  I will review site to make sure the follow this.

$25.00  To add your site, for 1 year

If you are approved I will add your site in up to two weeks time.  If you are not approved I will refund your money back.

I am asking everyone for a reciprocal link on your site. Please be ready to add my site to your site somewhere.

Reciprocal links or link exchange is considered the most effective way to increase traffic to your site.

Some of the most important reasons to exchange links:
- Increased link popularity = Increased search engine ranking
- Traffic from your reciprocal links on other sites
- Swap links and build partnership with other webmasters.

This is usually done within 2 weeks or longer.

I only except site that help the education the disabled population and help with educating person who want to learn about disabilities.   

Links farms.
-Sites with gambling content.
-Sites with adult content.
-Any site we deem inappropriate.

This site does have children visiting here. everything has to be able for a child to look at. 

Please do not type your information in UPPER CASE.

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