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This games area is designed for all our lab participants and persons with limited abilities.



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Those who could benefit: 

     Persons with low-functioning abilities such as mid to low levels of mental retardation.

      Persons with limited movement capabilities.

       Infants and kids.

If you know of a page that should be added here let me know.  It needs to be able to help people with limited capabilities in one way or another. Right now I don't have a lot here. Amantha

Mouse Only no Clicking Games

Click Once Games

ASL Sign Language


Signing The Alphabet

What Is This Letter Sign

Counting In Sign - 0 To 20

What Is This Number Sign - 0 To 20

What Is This Color Sign

What Is This Shape Sign

ASL Fingerspelling

By Signing for Little Hands

American Sign Language Fingerspelling Alphabet by Signing for Little Hands


American Sign Language ASL Finger Spelling Puzzles A -Z

American Sign Language Fingerspelling Puzzle Letter A

American Sign Language Fingerspelling Puzzle Letter B


Check into this website

Taken from -

Accessible Games Website
A selection of computer games designed specifically for people who are blind or vision impaired.  Games on this site are compatible with JFW version 3.3 or higher and Window-Eyes version 3.1 or higher. Registered copies can be downloaded from the web site or ordered on CD ROM.
Audio Games
News, reviews, articles and links to games that consist only of sound.
Barnes & Noble
This bookstore has a section for audio books in their catalogue that can be found using the search feature (select "books" and keyword "audio").
Bavisoft Audio Games
Games software for people who are blind or vision impaired.
A selection of free single switch games for download.
DanZ Games
Fun, accessible computer games for Windows, including free games and retail arcade style games designed for people with vision impairment.
GMA Games
Games designed to be fully accessible to people who are blind. GMA concentrates its efforts on developing sophisticated Windows-based games that are technically advanced, interesting and fun. Titles include Lone Wolf, Trek 2000 and Shades of Doom.
IGDA Game Accessibility Special Interest Group
By collaborating with the rest of the game development community IGDA intends to develop methods of making games universally accessible to all. The Game Accessibility SIG hosts an accessibility email list and web forum for discussion on topics related to the development and design of accessible games.
Interactive Fun Puzzels
Web based stick and math puzzles that you can directly manipulate on the web page.
International Games Developers Association
The IGDA have a game accessibility special interest group that work with game developers to develop methods of making all game genres accessible.
Level Games
These simple games are easy to play and are designed to be widely accessible for players who have Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Injury, Head Injury or other physical disabilities. They can be played as single switch games, speech recognition games and expanded keyboard games (Intellikeys, Unicorn Keyboard, Concept Keyboard, Mini Keyboards).
One Switch
Lots of information on switch accessible gaming, how to adapt controllers, accessible games and more, including pages on the campaign for greater accessibility in games.
PCS Games
Lists accessible games developers.
R J Cooper
A selection of free single switch arcade games. These games are simple, old-style, Space Invaders type games. The switch (mouseclick) fires a projectile and also reverses left-to-right direction of your ship/hose, that moves along the bottom of the screen.