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Speak 'n Hear-The Portable Audio Studio


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Speak 'n Hear-A Pocket Portable Audio Studio used for; Speech Therapy, Voice Training, Speech Analysis, Foreign Language Training, Stage and Karaoke Performances, a Music System, a Voice Amplifier, a Megaphone, an Intercom, a Hearing  Assister, a Learning Center, a Cell Phone Attachment, or a Sound-Level Meter.  Developed by Amantha Cole & Arthur Cole

Speak 'n Hear “A” is a 5-ounce pocket audio unit that uses headsets (microphone plus headphone) to feed back the user's voice to the user's ears. With feedback the user can recognize problems in speech, singing, or language development and correct them quickly in real time.  This is possible whether the user is a novice or talented speaker, actor, singer, or has a speech handicap (Speak 'n Hear does not have Delayed Auditory Feedback used in stutter therapy).  When vocal or musical inputs are added the user can improve enunciation and placement of pitch and tempo.  The portable 16 ounce Speak ‘n Hear “B” has the same circuitry as “A” but adds stereo loudspeakers and a shoulder strap. Either unit, with the 3-ounce Mini Audio Studio attached, supports eight headsets or 18 inputs/outputs that can be interfaced with many audio devices.

Although Speak ‘n Hear was first made to exploit voice feedback as a training or therapeutic tool, continuing refinements led to the expanded uses outlined here.

Speak ‘n Hear Units.  Unit “A” is 1X2X4 inches and Unit “B”, with stereo loudspeakers, is 1X6X6 inches.  Both use a 9 volt battery with a 100 hour lifetime. Adapters supply power from AC line or DC auto sources.  Speak ‘n Hear has the unusual capability that it mixes High-Level signals (at amplifier outputs) in addition to the usual mixing of Low-Level signals (at amplifier inputs).  Both High-Level and Low-Level signals can be patched from or to external systems.   Both units have the following controls and connectors.


Mini Audio Studio attachment.  The 3 ounce Mini Audio Studio attachment has eight Monaural Low-Level input/output jacks, that connect to the two Mic jacks of Speak ‘n Hear, and eight Stereo High-Level input/output jacks that connect to one Headphone jack of Speak ‘n Hear.  A switch on the Mini-Studio adds 10 ohm isolation resistors between the Mini Studio high-level jacks and the Speak ‘n Hear headphone jack (mixing of High-Level signals is enabled using isolation resistors on each high-level input).   Low-Level Jacks are used for microphones; or to input or output low-level signals from or to external devices.  High-Level Jacks are used for headphones or loudspeakers or to input or output high-level signals from or to external devices.  Special cables are used, either with self-contained isolation resistors/capacitors or with small adapters, to patch Speak ‘n Hear or the Mini-Studio to external audio systems. 


Speak ‘n Hear Prices not including Tax and Shipping 

Speak ‘n Hear A
Speak ‘n Hear B with Loudspeakers


Mini Audio Studio Adapter
120 VAC Modified Power Adapter $20.00
12 VDC Modified Power Adapter $15.00
Calibrated Omni-Directional Microphone for dB meter $35.00
Patching Cables $15.00 to $30.00
Patching Adapters $20.00
Representative Headsets, available from various sources.  $10.00 to $995.00
Califone 3046 AV headset modified for Speak ‘n Hear $25.00
Hamilton HA-2M headset modified for Speak ‘n Hear $20.00


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